1. Downhill
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There is a lot to this song. first of all, it was started at about the same time as "World Makes Me Cry", so I was a very sad individual, looking out at a broken life, and not a lot of future. then while writing this, my Sons childhood friend, Nick, killed himself in Hawaii. the line "I feel this awful low, heard about it but didn't know, it gets you in the chest till there's pain just feeling" was written the night we found found out Nick was gone. Then a day later, My Mother passed away. this song was rewritten over and over, to get the music and lyrics just where I wanted them. It completely changed from start to finish. It could have been on Bondi Hippies, but I kept it back. There's a lot of me in there, gritty determination, like a snapshot of me from a long gone time, it rocks, but its hard for me to listen to sometimes.