I“Blue Palms”    c 2019


      Jimmy Haber............vocals, guitars, bass, piano, melodica, harmonium, trombone, keyboards, percussion, loops

      Michael Carpenter..........drums, guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals

Rick DeMay..... alto, tenor, and baritone sax

Brent Roach......French horn 

Chris Ruiz........flute

Eric Schneider.......Trumpet

Dave Weinand......contra bass, cello

Jim Culotta.......snare drum (the servants quarters)

Scott Roberts......acoustic guitar (No Use)

Loops courtesy of BBC library



Michael Carpenter / Jimmy Haber 


Mixed and mastered

at Love HZ studio in Sydney, Australia  by Michael Carpenter



Sydney, Australia

@ Love Hz studio

Michael Carpenter - engineer


Gunbarrel, Colorado

@ Cindersound studio

John Mcvey- engineer

Ethan Fang-engineer


Atlanta, Georgia

@ Blue Room studio 

Micah Wyatt -engineer 

Timon Adams -assistant engineer


Boulder, Colorado 

@ Coupe studio

Taylor Marvin - engineer


Orlando, Florida

@ Alpaca studio

Chris Short -engineer


All songs are published under the umbrella of Wonderwax Publishing BMI -l copyright 2019 Jimmy Haber


‘You heard me thinking’ c 1982

‘What am I going to do?’ c 1985 

‘Ominous days’ c 1985

’the servants quarters’ c 1985

’people prefer it that way’ c 1985

‘she reasons’ c 1986

’I was in love’ c 1987

’islands’ c 1987

’i saw no one’ c 1987

’too long since so long’ c 1996

Just wanted to add, that in addition to the 11 songs on the album, I actually recorded 14 songs. My plan is to use the songs not appearing on the album at another time, yet I decided to list all work for the project, as all the songs are intertwined! See “blue palms recording log”

Special thanks:

Tad Severe........... bass

James Loftly........management

 (the Loftly group Ltd)

Barry liesinfilth........ legal services