When I officially began recording “Blue Palms” in March of ‘17, I couldn’t have known how drastically my life would change in the ensuing months, and as it turned out, throughout the remaining two years it took to finish my record. Staying on my planned path of one new album every other year was blown, Amongst other things.......... 

        Since recording began, I’ve lost good friends, lost relationships, I’ve had words of destruction with some of the closest people I’ve ever known, some lost forever, some just now on the mend, Some marinated in High hopes of healing. I’ve had moments of doubt and pain, lost love, financial woes.......

       Depression is a horribly debilitating disease that slows life down in such a way that you are able to observe the details of your day, especially the uncomfortable ones, with excruciating detail. I dealt with it, even used it on this album, and I have since found that I’m just human, constantly moving uphill over obstacles ever so slowly, taking charge, making plans, not settling, doing my own thing because i had to........ yet all the while, feeling completely isolated and unsure of myself and where my art was taking me this time out......loneliness makes no sound.

       Here’s A very telling and interesting observation about myself and this album. When I am at my lowest point emotionally, my music tends to go positively whimsical. I create a fantasy world that I can enter and surround myself with. Warmth, a shield, a place to heal...... 

        So I welcome you with all my soul, to join me in “Blue Palms” and stay for awhile ...... and even though there’s no need to ever go back to that other place again, you can only be where you are.

(Jimmy Haber winter/spring ‘19)


     A long long time ago, when I wrote the last six songs of this album in my 20s, the person I would go to for unvarnished advice was Robin McGuinn, although since 1989, the tombstone reads Jeanne Chaney mcguigan. I wholeheartedly dedicate “side two”, to my muse, my friend, my confidant, Jeanne, who lived in “the servants quarters”, who had hours of hand written notes about “I was in love”, and labored while in pain,  to type out the lyrics to “people prefer it that way” for me.

     I also want to expressly thank my friend and brother,  Scott Roberts, who kept at least three of the songs recorded for this album alive through countless live performances, and even covered two of them on his own brilliant records in the mid 90’s. Scott has always heard me thinking. Love you both. 

     This record is dedicated to all my friends everywhere.