The long and skinny


I was born in Orlando, Florida, at a time when no one knew where Orlando actually was. I was a huge beatle fan from the moment I saw them on Ed Sullivan, (when I was three and a half,) and was extremely disappointed when on the fourth Sunday, they didn’t show up. Screw That rubber mouse. 

Mom eventually bought me the rubber soul album, which I still have till this day, but in 1966, the monkees took over my life until 1970.  The first 5 Monkee albums figure strongly in my formative years, but the Beatles were always it, even though i really didn’t know the albums that well! (I always thought McCartney’s uncle Albert was a Beatles song until I was 13.) 

The red and blue album brought me around, and nothing could shake me until the late 70s, when punk/ new wave took me over, which is still a big piece of everything I do, and my approach to recording. I loved the stupidness of the b-52s, lene lovich, but got serious with U2, clash, and devo, though David Bowie was in there. 

When I really found the kinks, my track was set. Ray Davies, John Lennon, paul McCartney became my song writing heroes. I formed a band, the degenerates, in 1980, had a local hit in 1981 Orlando, moved to Atlanta in 1982, to continue, then really started to work on songwriting, when I moved to Colorado. 

I recorded two albums, 93-94, which were very stupid new wave, but very kinks - Beatles.  I never stopped writing, always demoing, for year upon year. I went into promotion, had some Incredible experiences, but finally decided to re enter as a solo artist  in 2012, after my children had grown up a bit.

I thank Brad beard of the maladaptive solution for making me re start, and for introducing me to Michael Carpenter.

I had a great response to my first record, then even more with the second, and now the third. I’m not a joiner, I’m more of a do what feels right man..... live shows have always been scarce, but I had An 8 piece band in 2016, which really rocked, but we stopped when a major player developed cancer. He made it. I still use two people from that band on my latest recordings. Life is long, and Goes by so fast.